Video Poker Tips

For video poker tips on which machines to consider playing, see Jacks-or-Better payoff schedule and Deuces Wild payoff schedule.

Using Credit when Playing Video Poker

In most cases, any wins you have will be reflected in a credit counter on the video poker machine. You can then choose to play again using your credit instead of by inserting more coins. If you’re playing to make a profit, you should use the credit feature because your average win rate will be in proportion to how fast you play (and pressing a Replay or Deal button is faster than inserting new coins). Some video poker machines let you press a Max Bet button to play the maximum number of coins from the credit you’ve clocked up.

The Gamblers’ Fallacy

An important video poker tip is not to give way to the “gamblers’ fallacy”, which involves assuming that a jackpot is more likely just because a machine hasn’t recently hit one. A video poker machine uses a random number generator to “shuffle” the cards and has no memory. So the chance of a jackpot is the same for every game – no matter how long it has been since the last jackpot (like being dealt a royal flush) occurred.

In the United States, Nevada regulations ensure that the probability of any card being “dealt” by a video poker machine is the same as for the card being dealt from a well-shuffled pack. Most machine manufacturers aim to be certified in Nevada, even if the machines are also shipped elsewhere – so it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter a video poker machine that stacks the odds against you by dealing high cards or wild cards less often.

Jacks-or-Better versus Deuces Wild

Many players feel “safer” playing Jacks-or-Better because it offers a payback for two pair or a pair of jacks or better – whereas the lowest paying hand in Deuces Wild is three-of-a-kind. However, a video poker tip is that Deuces Wild is actually a more profitable game. Whereas Jacks-or-Better gives a theoretical payback of about 99.54 percent, a full pay Deuces Wild machine can give a payback of over a 100 percent.