Seven-Card Stud Playing Fourth Street

If you didn’t fold at third street, it should mean that you have a good hand – or a promising one that may become very good if you’re lucky with the cards you draw.

At fourth street, it becomes increasingly important to watch the other players and how they bet. This will give you clues about the strengths of the hands they’re holding.

If you’re holding four-of-a-kind or three-of-a-kind (trips) at fourth street, you’re in a position of power and should play slow until the next betting round, when the value of bets and raises will double. Giving your opponents time to raise and not intimidating them into folding will mean a bigger pot, which you have a good chance of winning.

Other card combinations you can consider playing at fourth street are

Two Pair (10s or higher)

If you have aces high, it’s better to play slow. With a top pair of 10s, however, it’s probably a good idea to bet in the hopes that you’ll force other players – who might otherwise complete straights or flushes over the next few rounds – to fold.

Four to Flush or Straight

If you have four cards and the hope of drawing just one more card to complete a flush or an open-ended straight, it’s a good idea to bet.

However, you need to make sure that not too many of the cards that could complete your hand are already in the possession of another player. If more than three cards in the same suit you need for a flush or two of the cards you need for a straight are among those that have been dealt face-up to other players, it may be time to fold.

If none of the cards you need have been dealt, put in a bet and call if you’re raised.

Three to a Flush or Straight

By fourth street, your chances of drawing two more cards to complete a flush or straight are pretty poor.

Fold at this point unless your hand has other potential (an ace kicker, for example) and none of the cards that could land you a flush or straight have already been dealt face-up to other players.

See fifth street for standards you can use in the next betting round.