Popular Poker Games

In casinos, the most popular poker games are Texas Hold ’em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud. Texas Hold ’em and Omaha are both examples of community card poker games, in which players can use a combination of their hole cards (hidden cards they’re dealt) and a number of shared cards placed on the table to make up their final hands. A variation of Texas Hold ’em that’s especially popular in Australian casinos is called Manila.

Other particularly popular poker games include:


Each player is dealt three cards. After a betting round, three community cards are placed on the table and another betting round ensues. Each player than has to pick one card to discard. A fourth community card is added, there’s a betting round, a fifth community card is added and the final betting round is held. Players choose the best five cards to play from any combination of those they’ve been dealt and the five community cards.

Five-Card Draw

Each player is dealt five cards and a betting round ensues. Players can then choose to draw one or more cards to replace cards they’re holding. After another betting round, players show their cards and the highest-ranking hand wins.

Five-Card Stud

Each player is dealt one face-down and one face-up card. After a betting round, each player is dealt second, third and fourth face-up cards (each time with another betting round between deals). In some cases, players can choose to buy one or two replacement cards after all five cards are dealt.

Chicago / Black Mariah

Played with the same rules as Seven-Card-Stud but with one main exception – the high spade in the hole (included in the hidden cards dealt to the player) wins half the pot.


Similar to Five-Card Draw, but the player with the lowest-ranking hand wins the pot. Most often (but not always), ace is treated as a low card and flushes and straights are ignored. Any lowball hand without a pair is worth more than a hand with a pair.


Another of the poker games based on Seven-Card Stud. In this case, however, the lowest-ranking hand wins.

These types of poker games are most often played informally, outside casinos.