Poker Trivia

The origin of the game of poker is unclear, but modern poker is thought to derive from the German card game, “pochen” – meaning “to brag or bluff”.

Poker Trivia: Where the Cards Originated

In a modern deck of cards, it’s said that the four suits originated from French playing cards, in which clubs represented peasants, diamonds were merchants, hearts were the clergy, and spades represented the nobility. An interesting piece of poker trivia, given that no suit is particularly more powerful than any other in an average poker game.

It’s thought that each of the four kings represents a great historical leader. The king of hearts is the great French leader, Charlemagne; king of spades is David, King of Israel; king of clubs is Alexander the Great; and king of diamonds is the Roman leader, Caesar Augustus.

Poker Trivia: Famous Poker Sayings

Amarillo Slim: “It never hurts for potential opponents to think you’re more than a little stupid and can hardly count all the money in your hip pocket, much less hold on to it.”

William J. Florence: “The strong point in poker is never to lose your temper, either with those you are playing with or, more particularly, with the cards. There is no sympathy in poker. Always keep cool. If you lose your head, you will lose all your chips.”

Anthony Holden: "Poker may be a branch of psychological warfare, an art form or indeed a way of life – but it is also merely a game, in which money is simply the means of keeping score."

Jack Strauss: "Limit poker is a science, but no-limit is an art. In limit, you are shooting at a target. In no-limit, the target comes alive and shoots back at you."

Pug Pearson: “The real things to know is that folks will stand to lose more than they will to win. That’s the most important percentage there is. I mean, if they lose, they’re willin’ to lose everything. If they win, they’re usually satisfied to win enough to pay for dinner and a show. The best gamblers know that.”

US Presidents Poker Trivia

US president Warren Harding was so famous for his love of poker that his cabinet was known as “the poker cabinet.” He played faithfully twice a week.

Former US president Richard Nixon funded his first political campaign partly with money he won from playing poker. During World War II, he won $6000 at poker during his time in the US navy. He used this money towards funding for his first campaign for congress.