Poker Hand Names 1

So, you’re sitting at an online poker cash table and someone states that they had to fold the ‘Big Slick’. If you have no idea what this means, or you are not sure if you’ve ever held the ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ or flopped a ‘Bicycle’, it is high time to brush up on your online poker hand names.

K – K ‘Ace Magnets / Cowboys’: Its uncanny how many times pocket kings are up against pocket aces.

A – A ‘American Airlines / Bullets / Pocket Rockets / Sticks / Eyes of Texas’: The strongest starting hand in Texas Hold’em poker. It is also indisputably the hand with the most nicknames.

A – K – 4 – 7 ‘Assault Rifle’: This poker hand is rather self-explanatory.

J – Ko ‘Bachelor Hand / Kojak’: It seems like we are lacking a queen.

3 – A ‘Baskin-Robbins’: Turn it sideways and you’ve got an ice cream.

7 – 2 ‘Beer Hand’: Yes, this is a horrible poker starting hand. In fact, it is statistically the worst possible starting hand. You’ve undoubtedly got to be really drunk to play it. In the unlikely event of this hand actually winning a pot, it is referred to as ‘The Hammer’.

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – A ‘Bicycle / Wheel’: These five cards create the lowest possible straight.

6 – 9 ‘Big Lick’: If the hand is suited it is called a ‘Prom Night’.

A – K ‘Big Slick’: One of the strongest hands to hold pre-flop in Texas Hold’em poker – naturally even better if the cards are suited.

6 – 3 ‘Blocky’: In general, try to avoid playing these cards unless you really know what you are doing.

A – 10 ‘Bookends / Johnny Moss’: These two cards make up the top and bottom end of a possible ace-high straight.

A – K – Q – J – 10 ‘Broadway‘: These five cards create the highest possible straight, or ‘nut’ straight in many forms of poker. If suited, this will be a royal flush, the best possible poker hand.

10 – 4 ‘Broderick Crawford’

K – 9 ‘Canine / The Dog’

Q – 7 ‘Computer Hand’

3 – 3 ‘Crabs’

Q – Q ‘Dames / Four Tits / Hilton Sisters / Ladies / Seigried and Roy’: Pocket queens are always a relatively good starting hand, but proceed with caution when aces and kings appear on the flop.