Poker Hall of Fame

Poker history has featured some of the most colourful and adventurous of characters, and includes more than a few exceptional rags to riches stories in which sheer grit has played the main role.

Although there have been and still are many other poker greats, those who feature in the Poker Hall of Fame are among the best-known and remembered. By year of induction into the Hall of Fame, they are


Felton "Corky" McCorquodale – noted no-limit player who introduced Texas Hold ’em to Las Vegas in 1963.

Johnny Moss – three-time world no-limit Texas Hold ’em champion.

Red Winn – highly successful all-rounder poker player.

Sid Wyman – noted high-stakes poker player who co-owned several Las Vegas gaming properties, including the Sands, Riviera, and the old Dunes.

Nick "the Greek" Dandalos – known for making astronomical wagers; participated in a famous heads-up match with Johnny Moss.

Edmond Hoyle – famous early poker player who wrote A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist in 1742. Playing "according to Hoyle" in poker means playing in conformity with the rules.

James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok – nineteenth-century gambler and lawman, famous for holding aces and eights – which became known as "The Dead Man’s Hand" – and for a shoot-out with the McCanles gang. Died after being shot in a saloon while playing poker.


T. "Blondie" Forbes – a master road gambler.


Bill Boyd – of the poker champions, regarded as one of the best Five-Card Stud players. Won the Five-Card Stud event at the World Series of Poker several times.


Tom Abdo – dedicated poker player; died after a heart attack while playing poker.


Joe Bernstein – road gambler remembered for his dapper dress at the poker table.


Murph Harrold – a poker champion seen as one of the best deuce-to-seven draw (Kansas City lowball) players.


Red Hodges – one of the best Seven-Card Stud players.


Henry Green – road gambler known as a good all-rounder in poker.


Walter Clyde "Puggy" Pearson – Tennessee-born, cigar-smoking gambler who won the world title in 1973. Noted as a great Seven-Card Stud player with an aggressive style.


Doyle Brunson – winner of the 1976 and 1977 poker world titles and the first poker player to win $1 million in poker tournaments. Author of the famous poker guide Super/System.

Jack Straus – imaginative and aggressive poker player who won the 1982 world title. Died during a high-stakes poker game.


Fred "Sarge" Ferris – son of Lebanese immigrants; won the 1980 deuce-to-seven draw world title. In 1983, the Internal Revenue Service seized $46,000 worth of chips from him during a high-stakes game at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino.


Benny Binion – cowboy and skilled gambler who founded the famous Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas; he was responsible for founding the World Series of Poker.


David "Chip" Reese – a legendary all-round high-stakes poker player from Ohio.


Thomas "Amarillo Slim" Preston – flamboyant Texan who won the world title in 1972 and has made many media appearances.


Jack Keller – nicknamed "Gentleman Jack", the 1984 world champion and known for his consistency.


Julius Oral "Little Man" Popwell – poker champion in Five-Card Stud; went up against the likes of Johnny Moss and Henry Green.


Roger Moore – has played in every World Series of Poker since 1974 and won the 1994 World Series of Poker Seven-Card Stud event; adversaries have included Johnny Moss, Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese, Amarillo Slim, Jack Straus, Puggy Pearson and Jack Keller.


Stu Ungar – possibly the greatest of the poker champions; three-time World Champion with ten wins in major No Limit Hold ’em championship events.


Lyle Berman – prefers high-stakes cash games to tournaments; three-time winner at the World Series of Poker.

Johnny Chan – World Championship winner in 1987 and 1988, and biggest money all-time winner at the World Series of Poker in 2002; his character featured in the movie Rounders, with Matt Damon.


Bobby Baldwin – top CEO in Las Vegas and winner of the 1978 World Series of Poker.


Berry Johnston – 1986 World Series of Poker Champion, and player with the most all-time cashes in 2004.


Jack Binion – son of Berry Binion Jack Binion, responsible for running the famous Binion Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas.

Crandell Addington – poker champion famous as a no limit Hold ’em legend; his poker career lasted from 1963 until the mid 1980s.


T.J.Cloutier – the only player to have won World Series of Poker events in all three types of Omaha in the Series (Pot Limit High, Limit High, and Limit 8-or-Better High-low split).

Billy Baxter – staked Stu Ungar from 1990 on; a lowball poker champion with 7 wins in World Series of Poker events.