Poker Glossary A – J

Action – A player’s turn

Active player:  A poker player that is participating in a hand, thus standing a chance to win the pot

Add-on: A single opportunity given to players in online poker tournaments to purchase additional chips to increase their stack size

Backdoor: A drawing hand such as a flush or straight which is made by catching the correct cards on the turn and the river, or stumbling upon a strong hand that you did not initially intend to make

Bad Beat: When a player with a strong hand loses to a player with a clearly weaker hand that called a bet against the odds

Bankroll: The full amount of money that a poker player intends to be gamble, not just limited to the money currently on the table

Blank: A community card on the board that doesn’t affect the hand standings

Board: All of the community cards in a Texas Hold’Em game

Button: A round disk, usually white, that indicates the dealer position

Buy-In: The entry fee to a poker tournament

Case Card: The last card of a specific rank left in the deck of cards

Cold Call: To call a bet and a raise

Connectors: In Texas Hold’Em poker, pocket cards that are only one rank apart

Dead Money: Money added to the pot by a poker player who has already folded or has no reasonable chance of winning the pot

Draw: A potentially winning poker hand that is incomplete and needs help from the board to become a made hand – straights and flushes are drawing hands

Double up: To move ‘All in’ and win the pot

Family Pot/Multi-way Pot: A pot in which the vast majority of the players decide to see the flop

Favourite:  The hand which is statistically most likely to win the pot

Flop: The first three community cards in Hold’Em and Ohama

Idiot End: The cards that complete the lower of a straight

In the money: Finishing in a high enough position in a poker tournament to win a percentage of the prize money

Jam/Move In: To move ‘All-In’ in a poker pot