Playing Sixth Street

Typically, sixth street is the betting round in which players with strong hands start betting and raising more aggressively so that if they do win, it’ll be a big pot. At this stage, it’s less likely that bets you post will succeed in intimidating other players to fold.

If you’ve got a truly powerful hand (a royal flush, flush, straight, full house or four-of-a-kind), you should bet, raise and re-raise. It’s still possible that another player will come out with a higher flush or straight than yours, but your odds for winning are good.


Bet aggressively, and call if you’re raised by a player you suspect has completed a flush or straight.

High Pair

Bet aggressively. However, if a player raises your bet, it’s probably best to fold. That player has probably made their hand. Be on the look-out for any tells though – an opponent may raise your bet as part of a bluff.

Four to a Flush or Straight

If you’re still hoping to draw a final card to complete a flush or straight, you should only check or call – to minimize your losses on a long shot.

If you attempted to bluff during previous rounds and your bets didn’t force players to fold, it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll fold now. The only strategy left if you’re holding a weak hand is to check other players’ bets. If a player bets into you, it’s time to fold.

The final betting round in Seven-Card Stud is seventh street.