Playing Online Poker

After you have a seat in an online poker game, the game server, acting as the dealer, will ask you how many chips you want to place on the table. With play money games, it wouldn’t hurt to buy as many chips as you think you will need. A simple procedure such as clicking on the dealer tray should get you more chips. Once you’re in the middle of a hand, however, new chips you buy will not be available to you until after the hand is finished.

The lobby of a poker site usually shows a clear division between games that are played with real money and those played with play money. There are also divisions between tournaments and ring games. A beginner would be wise to start off by choosing to use play money.

If you’ve joined a game that uses blinds or antes, you’ll be prompted to specify the value of the bet you want to place.

Once play begins and cards are dealt, your cards will display face-up in front of your “seat” on the screen. However, your cards are not visible to other players. Other players’ cards appear to you to be face down. Seeing these cards enables you to determine who has been dealt in and who is still playing as the game progresses. Once a player folds, their cards are removed from the screen.

The dealer then places any community cards face up in the middle of the table, and players can use controls that display (usually clearly labelled buttons) begin betting, calling, raising, or folding.

For details on how to bet when playing online poker, see online poker betting.