Online Poker Technical Problems

Poker played around a real table has one major advantage over online poker – the cards in your hand can’t instantly get wiped because of a technical glitch.

In online poker, even the smallest computer-related glitch can be a major setback. It is possible for a player who loses a connection to a site to lose everything that he or she has so far gained in a game that is underway.

Online poker technical problems that relate to the computer and connection that you’re using include Internet connections that are too slow or unreliable, and the possibility of viruses.

Internet Connection

Whether your Internet connection is an entry-level dial-up line or something more advanced, you need to make sure that it is reliable when you play online poker.

Dial-up connections are one of the slowest ways to connect to the Internet and this poses a problem if other players at the online poker table mostly have much faster connections such as DSL, cable, Wi-Fi or other high-speed connections. Your dial-up connection may slow down the game and affect the other players.

Even if you have the best computer available and the fastest, most reliable Internet connection, a power failure or simply a power cable being accidentally pulled out can result in your being disconnected from a game in which you’ve already invested. A connection could also be dropped if there are problems with the line or if your Internet service provider encounters technical errors.

Avoiding Online Poker Technical Problems

The following guidelines can help you avoid online poker technical problems:

  • Make sure that the computer you are using meets with the basic system requirements and that you’re Internet connection is reliable.
  • Obtain reliable antivirus software and scan your system regularly. There are many sources of free software that you can download for this purpose, but be careful to choose from a reputable source such as CNet Download.
  • Test your computer’s compatibility with the software that the online poker site provides. Start by playing with “play money” to be sure that you have a reliable machine before moving on to playing with real money.

For additional information about what occurs if you’re disconnected from an online poker site, see online poker disconnection.

An online poker site itself could experience technical difficulties such as an overloaded system, when too many participants are on the site. There could also be an undetected bug in the system that suddenly wreaks havoc in the game software. When this happens, not just one player is affected. The best bet in this type of situation is to report any online poker technical problems you’ve encountered to the site administrators.