Online Poker Sites

For a novice, choosing an online poker site to join can be a daunting task. There are far too many online poker sites out there, and not all are reputable. There are a few things to keep in mind as you seek the perfect site. William Hill Poker is a great online poker site that offers free poker software and a £250 Bonus for all new players!

Popularity is more important than one might think. An online poker site that has a large membership is often able to offer a wider choice of games. A major online poker site will most likely have members playing through the day or night, with hundreds of tables on offer. At this type of site, there is also a better chance that less popular games you might fancy will be offered.

Smaller online poker sites don’t always have the capacity to offer a huge variety of games because this can have the effect of “draining” players out of the other games.  With too few players, a game could “break” or be abandoned by all the players. Still, there are some online poker sites with big memberships that offer only a few choices of game.

With popular sites, there is some assurance that they are making good profit and will continue to operate. With a large player base, you can expect a considerable turnout for a site’s tournaments. This alone leads to a bigger prize pool – something definitely to look forward to when you play in a multi-table tournament.

Different online poker sites supply their own client software, and there can be significant differences in terms of the graphics, organisation and user-friendliness of their games.  Some client software is fairly basic and easy to learn. Other software provides functions that can help players improve their game – for example, features that enable you to keep notes about how other players perform.William Hill also offers no-download, instant play poker – so you can play anywhere at any time, without having to download the software.

Those running a good online poker site know that the best way to keep growing their player membership is by providing exceptional service. They continue to improve their poker client software and are quick to respond to any problems that players report. These are the sites worth joining.

As an incentive, some sites offer rewards programs, giving “Frequent Player Points” (similar to flyer miles), freeroll tournaments, and other promotions even to players who use “play money” in order to encourage them to stay and to consider betting real money in the future.

If you decide to play for real money, the most crucial factor will be the reputability of the site. Usually, the bigger sites have the sturdiest financial backing. However, it’s a good idea to use independent reviews of particular online poker sites to verify claims that your money will be safe once you join and start playing.