Online Poker Glossary

Welcome to the definitive online poker glossary which covers pretty much every conceivable online poker topic.

Online Poker Hand Names

Learn about the origins of some of the most bizarre poker hand names, such as “Dead Man’s Hand” and “Montana Banana” and find out the historic significant of 10 – 2 as hole cards.

Online Poker Games

When you set off playing at an online poker site, getting started can often be somewhat bewildering. At any given moment, there are usually hundreds of different cash games and tournaments running simultaneously in a large online poker room.

If you are keen to play online poker, but you are unsure about the vast selection of different online poker games that are currently being offered, be certain to view our glossary that focuses on the different types of popular cash and tournament online poker games.

For those who are completely new to the online poker world, our online poker slang article will help you decipher what is being said during poker chat, as well as explain chat room etiquette.

Online Poker Glossary

All the A – Z poker terms you will need to know for online and live games are listed in the general poker glossary, or browse our poker betting glossary for a comprehensive explanation of all the common poker betting terms.

Popular Internet Poker Variants

Our article on poker variants highlights the differences between the three main forms of online poker – stud, community card and draw poker – while outlining the basic rules for Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold’Em and Ohama.

Poker Hand Rankings

This guide gives an overview of general poker hand ranking rules and serves as a practical poker hand category reference sheet for novice poker players.