Online Poker Chat

Poker can be a highly social game. What’s missing in online poker, however, is the chance to interact with other players face to face.

To help make online poker a more social experience, most sites provide an online poker chat feature. Usually, there will be a one-line “chat box” – or text box – close to the text display area, in which you can type a message for another player to see. Some online poker games even allow you to chat to other players when you’re not seated at a table, but this will depend on the site you’re using. Online poker chat lets you interact with and get to know the other players at a table.

On many sites, the online poker chat feature provides users with several customisable options. For example, you can often select a checkbox to specify who you want to chat to – the dealer, another player, or an observer. You can also often specify what chat content you want to see and, for instance, the font and colour in which chat text must display.

Players may be able to post photographs of themselves on poker sites. Some online poker chat features even include support for webcams, so that users can see one another while they interact. Although this may be of limited popularity, it certainly adds a new dimension to online poker chat.

To avoid offending other players, it’s important to abide by basic online poker chat etiquette.