Free Online Poker

You can choose to participate in online poker games using either “play money” or real money. It’s an especially good idea to play free online poker if you’re a novice and still learning the game. With just a bit of time, this enables you to learn the rules and how best to beat other players, without actually costing you anything. Even if you’re something of a poker pro, playing free online poker is a good way to get familiar with how the game is played on a particular poker site.

With play money, you make use of “play chips” or “free chips”, which an online site often simply supplies when you sign up. Once you lose all your play chips, you can often simply ask for more. Some poker sites place a limit on the amount of free online poker you can play; others don’t.

Online poker sites make their profits through the collection of “rake” from the real money winnings of players. The more players willing to play and pay, the bigger the potential winnings of a site. So for the people or companies running sites, hosting free online poker games is a way to make their sites more popular and to attract players who’ll eventually become paying ones.

Once you begin playing with real money, you bet in real currency – dollars, pounds or euros, for example. The stakes can range from just a few pennies to minimum bets of several hundred dollars. It can be a costly mistake to play in real money before you have gained enough experience and confidence from playing free online poker! It’s also important to verify the credibility of a poker site before you play using real cash. Given the nature of the Internet, not all sites are necessarily trustworthy and some may come and go without much care for their users.