Deuces Wild Payoff Schedule

Unlike Jacks-or-Better and many other video poker games, Deuces Wild video poker actually offers the possibility of a long-term payback of over 100 percent. In other words, it’s possible to “beat the machine” and make a profit. This assumes that you play with the maximum credit (generally five coins) per round.

Assuming you do play five coins per round, a Deuces Wild payoff schedule that identifies a full pay machine – that is, one that offers the best payback – is as follows:

Royal flush

4000 coins

Four deuces (2s)

1000 coins

Wild royal flush

125 coins


75 coins

Straight flush

45 coins


25 coins

Full house

15 coins


10 coins


10 coins


5 coins

In Deuces Wild, there’s no payoff for a high pair or even for two pair. However, the number of final hands that qualify for a payoff is actually almost exactly the same as in Jacks-or-Better video poker, because of the use of the four deuces as wild cards.

By far the most common paying hand in the Deuces Wild payoff schedule is four-of-a-kind, which provides a 25-5 payoff. Better hands are very rare, so it’s this aspect of the payoff schedule that’s generally the most important in realizing a profit.

Progressive Jackpot

Some Deuces Wild payoff schedules offer a progressive jackpot – the payoff for the jackpot (a royal flush) is increased by increments the more you play. It’s rare for full pay video poker machines to offer this. More typically, the payoff for lower hands is reduced. As a result, the total payoff you can expect – given how rare it is to hit the jackpot – is significantly lower than games without a progressive jackpot.

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