Basic Poker Quiz

To hold your own at a poker table, you need to be familiar with some of the basics. Take this basic poker quiz to find out how familiar you are with some of the most commonly used poker terms and concepts. The answers are indicated below.

1. In a game of Razz poker, which hand is known as “the bicycle”?

Four 2s and any card below 7
Any straight flush

2. Which card is known as “the river” in a poker game?

The second card dealt face-down in 7-Card Stud
The third card dealt face-up
The fourth card dealt face-up
The fifth card dealt face-up

3. What is the “muck” in a poker hand?

Cards discarded by players
Cards that don’t form pairs or part of a set
Cards ranked above 8 in a lowball poker game
Cards accidentally exposed to other players

4. In a game that uses big and small blinds, which players post the blinds?

The two players who are last to join the table
The two players to the left of the dealer
The two players with the lowest-ranking cards
The two players to the right of the dealer

5. What does it mean if you’re “on the button” in a poker hand?

You’re in the dealer’s seat
You’re holding the best hand
You’re due to play last in the current round
You’re seated to the left of the player who posts the big blind

6. What is a “blind” in poker?

An obligatory bet placed by one or two players before play starts
Any wild card, such as a joker
Any card dealt face down to a player (a “hole” card)
A successful bluff

7. Which popular poker game includes the use of community cards?

Seven-Card Stud
Five-Card Draw
Texas Hold ‘em

8. What is a “kicker”?

Any paired ace in a poker hand
An ace and a king of the same suit
An unpaired card that doesn’t form part of a set
The highest-ranked card in a player’s hand

9. What is a “full house”?

Any five cards in the same suit that are in sequence
Three cards of the same rank plus a pair
An ace, king, queen, jack and 10 of the same suit
Any five cards of the same suit but that aren’t in sequence

10. In which popular poker game must each player use exactly two hole cards out of four that are dealt and any three of five community cards to make a hand?

Texas Hold ‘em
Five-Card Stud

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