How to Play Poker

How to play poker
Welcome to How to Play Poker Online – the all-in-one internet poker strategy guide and resource for the poker player!

Do you want to learn how to play poker like Phil Hellmuth and win the 2009 WSOP Main Event? Well, obviously this will take a lot of time and practice, but you can certainly improve your poker game by analyzing our online Texas Hold em strategy guide or reviewing online poker tips and mistakes.

Learn to Play Poker Online

The poker game is any of a range of popular card games in which players bet on the value of their card combinations by placing money or poker chips (money markers) into a central pot. A player wins either if all other players fold or if their cards outrank those of remaining players in a show of cards, or “showdown”.

Texas Hold em Online Poker

The popularity of online poker games and online poker tournaments, especially Texas hold em poker has grown exponentially over the last three decades. The poker game is no longer associated with dingy back rooms and mobsters; it’s also no longer just a game played in glitzy casinos or around the kitchen table. The rise of online poker (internet poker) and of Texas hold em poker as a televised spectator sport have revolutionized poker tournaments, casino poker and online poker games. Beyond poker news the game itself has as such become accessible to a huge range of people. Be sure to choose a well established and trusted “poker room” such as William Hill Poker (free £250 bonus for new poker players!) which also features the popular “no download” poker game option, allowing you to play instant online poker games wherever you are, without needing to download the software.

Online Poker Rules

Poker rules and basic poker strategy are actually fairly easy to learn. However, it’s only with years of almost daily playing, a stomach for big risks and the use of creative poker strategy that you can hope to become a poker pro – the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Stu Ungar or Amarillo Slim. Aside from luck, playing poker involves gauging and remembering other poker players’ actions, analysing risk in relation to your cards and the size of the pot, and learning when and how to bluff.

Of course, the poker game is also meant to be about having fun. With just the basic how to play poker strategy behind you, you can enjoy playing poker occasionally on a night out at a casino or get together regularly with friends for sociable poker game sessions.
Before learning the intricacies of particular online poker games to become the next poker pro, visit these pages to get started with poker rules and poker strategy: